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    Benefits Of Rudraksha : One Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Beads

    Benefits Of Rudraksha : One Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha Beads

    One Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most rare Rudraksha, particularly Nepali One Face Rudraksha. It is not available in market, some collectors claim that they have one but it is almost non existent. If one finds one, it would cost in  a million dollar.  Indonesian One Mukhi Rudraksha is available in abundant quantity but since its size is quite small it is not very popular. One mukhi (face) rudraksha sold commonly is actually Indian variety of alternate of Rudraksha. It is half moon shaped Rudraksha like fruit.

    One Mukhi Rudraksha helps people who want to take spiritual path. It helps in letting go of worldly attachments of life and progress towards  a seeker's life. It is generally made into pendant and wear in a silver chain or thread singly or in combination with other face Rudraksha. 
    It gives wearer leadership, power and wealth too, but wearer remain largely unattached to the worldly attainments.

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