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    2015, February

    (0) Healing Products

    It has been a wonderful journey. We started in March 2013 and in 2 years besides facing some server issue in 2013 September to November 2013 when our store went down quite frequently, it has been very exciting and successfully journey.

    We have been able to service our esteemed customers quite successfully. If I put it in number, we have less than 1% complains, that too we resolved successfully to the satisfaction of our customers.

    Due to unwavering support of our customers we have grown our product line from around 50 products to approx 500 and it is growing rapidly and soon touch 1000 products.

    We will continue to add product after research, analysis and quality check so that we can present only relevant products of good quality to our customers.

    We have added Pendants, Yoga Mat & Cloths, Healing Products to our line, we will continue to add many more exciting products to our store.
    Semi Precious Gem Stone Painting Pendants, Guru Beads, Silver Polish Copper Beads, Cloths and Yoga Mats, Healing Products and many more products added during last year.

    I will also try to post more often and share may views and knowledege about the products.