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    (0) Benefits Of Rudraksha : Six Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha
    Mars is the ruling planet of Six face Rudraksha. It has many benefits for Health, personality, Emotional Stability and prosperity. It removes malefic effects of planet mars. Mars planet when malefic makes a person volatile with anger or fear. It remove these bad qualities and gives stability to the wearer. It make the wearer clam and composed, gives good courage and physical health. Six faced Rudraksha is the form of Lord Kartikeya. It makes person youthful, fearless, gives the ability to face adverse situations with calmness and wit. It help with diabetes, kidney issue, bone issues etc.
    Rudraksha Beads : Original vs Fake
    (1) Rudraksha Beads : Original vs Fake
    When someone creates artificial face on Rudraksha to increase its price, it is a fake Rudraksha and this happens for higher face Rudraksha, for 14 face or more. Suppose a seller has 18 face Rudraksha and the seller somehow created three additional face on it and sold it as 21 Rudraksha the seller will make many times the original price. To detect if the face is not created artificially one need to do X-ray of the fruit to see number of seeds inside matches number of face.