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    (0) Rudraksha

    We have strated selling Nepali Rudraksha of higher mukhi by stock, so now customers can the see the piece and their detials before buying it. We are also giving authenticity certifciate with Rudraksha of Seven Mukhi or higher. 

    We are trying to make purchasing Rudraksha as transperent as possible. Customer can check size, weight, shape and photograph of Rudraksha before buying it. 

    We have strated selling following mukhis by stock

    One Mukhi or One Face Rudraksha

    Seven Mukhi Rudraksha 

    Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

    Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

    Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

    Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha

    Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

    We soon going to sale Thirteen and Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha too.

    From Two to Six Mukhi Rudraksha are relatively cheap and large quantity of stock is available all the time so we sale with no stock restrictions.

    These are all 100% natural authentic rudraksha.

    (0) Difference between Indonesian And Nepali Rudraksha Beads

    Indonesian and Nepali rudraksha beads come from same famiy of tree and are of similar internal anatomy and effectiveness. Indonesian beads are much cheaper than Nepali ones because they are more abundently available.

    Size Comparision

    Nepalese beads are available in sizes from 10mm to 42mm. 18mm beads are most easily available size.

    Indonesain beads are vailable in sizes from 4mm to 30mm. 12mm beads are most easily available size.

    Mukhi (Facets)  Comparision

    In Nepalese beads facets are marked with very clear groovs, whereas in Indonesain beads the facets are marked with thin line, though internal structure is same in both the beads. Both the Nepalese and Indonesian Rudraksha Beads have the same no. of seeds inside them as the number of Mukhas, thus their internal structure is almost identical.

    Number of Mukhas (Facets)

    Nepali rudraksha are generaly found in 1 to  25 mukhis

    Indonesian rudraksha are generally found in 1 to 35 mukhis

    Though 1 mukhi in round shape has not been found for decades.

    Availability and demand

    Availabilty of higher mukhi beads are very rare. Nepali beads availability is much less than Indonesian one and demand for Nepali beads are high, as a result cost of Nepali beads is many fold higher than Indonesian cunterparts.


    Both the Nepalese and the Indonesian Rudraksha Beads have almost identical effects and this have been proved Scientifically as well as Spiritually based on the feedbacks  received from the people who have been using the Indonesian Variety of Rudraksha. As such also all the Rudraksha Japa Malas are invariably made from beads of Indonesian Origin and they are being used and thanked for their effectiveness by people from all walks of Life since long long times.