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    Benefits of Rudraksha : Eight Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

    Eight Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha comes in two variety one is of Nepali Origin and the other is of Indonesian origin.

    The first question that comes to mind when you hear about the verities is that which of the two is more effective?

    Answer to this not simple, both are effective but Nepali is considered more powerful, it is much costly when compared to Indonesian variety. But since Nepali are bigger beads one cannot wear more than one, two or three pcs, whereas when can wear 54 or 108 rudraksha mala of Indonesian variety. Wearing more pcs make Indonesian mala equally effective.

    Eight Mukhi Rudraksha ruling planet is Ketu, so wearing it reduces or removes malefic effects of planet Ketu and gives qualities of Ketu planet. Eight mukhi ruling deity is Lord Ganesha, the lord of good luck. It removes obstacles in path of success in any area of life.  It also gives great writing skills, good for intellectual work and work of art.

    It gives name and fame, cures depression and issue with nervous system and brain.

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