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    Our Products and Services

    Our Products and Services

    Rudraksha Beads Wholesale Store is one stop B2B store of all kind of mala beads and mala making supplies. We are operating since March 2013 and serving our customers from all over the world. 

    Here we will give an overview  of our products and our business practice.

    We have tried to develop ourselves as one stop store of all kind mala beads, mala making supplies, healing and yoga products. 

    We sale Following type of Mala beads that can be used to make your mala, rosary, meditation necklace, bracelet etc.

    1. Rudraksha Beads : We sale Rudraksha Beads of all kind and Mukhis. Five face Indonesian Rudraksha that is primarily used for making mala is available in size from 3mm to 14mm.  We sale these by strings of 108 Rudraksha.  We sale them in dyed and natural colours. Tradionally dyed Rudraksha Strings are sold, these strings leave colour during first few wash, these are vegetable colours and it is perfectly fine. We also sale them in natural colour for those who want it natural colour. We also have Five face Nepali Rudraksha in size from 15mm to 26mm. 

    2. Sandalwood Beads : Sandalwood Beads, are available in two variety, Fragrant White Sandalwood beads and Red Sandalwood Beads. Sizes available from 3mm to 12mm, on demand we can make bigger size too. White sandalwood beads has nice fragrance, while Red Sandalwwod beads are not fragrant but these are very hard wood with very good shine, it is very good long lasting beads. Both are very good and poular beads for making mala, rosary, bracelt etc.

    3. Rose Wood and Ebony Wood Beads : We have 6mm to 20mm size Rose Wood and Ebony Wood Beads. These are 100% geniune Rose Wood and Ebony wood beads. These are very good beads for making mala, rosary, bracelet etc. Ebony Wood is very hard wood and these beads have life of many decades. Ideal beads foe making meditation mala.

    4. Glass Beads : We have 6mm to 10mm round glass beads, we sale in all 7 chakra colours and also some other very beautiful colours. We also have glass three hole guru beads and glass sumeru or glass stupa. Generally these beads are not available in any other store. 

    5. Mala Tassels : We have Silk and Woolen Tassels in different sizes and colours. Tassels for making mala in all colours, nicely made with cap and without cap.

    We have 100s of pendants, 7 chakra pendants, metal beads, caps and spacer beads for making mala, jewelry, bracelet and earrings etc.


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