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    Rudraksha Strings types for making mala

    Rudraksha Strings types for making mala

    This article is written for sellers of Rudraksha strings and designers who want to use Rudraksha in their mala designs. This will help you in making your choice while buying Rudraksha Strings

    Rudraksha is available in two varieties by its origin

    1. Nepali Rudraksha  

    2. Java (Indonesian) Rudraksha 

    Nepali Rudraksha

    Nepali Rudraksha comes in sizes 16mm and above, the most commonly available size is 17mm to 19mm for Five faces Rudraksha which is the most common Rudraksha. Five-face Nepali Rudraksha is easily available and cheap, but its transport can make the price costlier as the beads are heavy and the courier company charges transportation by weight.

    So do not be surprised if you find transport charges more than the cost of the Rudraksha string you are ordering. But it is worth it, you can use a few pcs of the Rudraksha in your mala designs, it is a very powerful Rudraksha and anyone with sensitivity can feel its energy. Five face Nepali Rudraksha helps with health benefits like blood pressure, anxiety, and stress issues and helps in meditation. You can 

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    Java Rudraksha

    Java Rudraksha comes in sizes 3-4mm to 14mm. The most commonly used size for making mala Or bracelets is 6mm to 9mm. 5 face Rudraksha of Java is also cheap, some sizes may be costlier than Nepali Rudraksha, but its shipping cost is low when compared to Nepali ones as these are lighter. Also from designing point of view, it is easier to incorporate in many designs as these are small beads and also come in many sizes.

    In India, it is sold dyed red, maroon to orange color, and black also, it is a tradition. When using dyed Rudraksha it must be noted that it would leave some color in the first 1-2 washing, it is nothing to be alarmed about. When selling these Rudraksha make a point to educate your customer so that they expect it. If don't want to use dyed ones you can order naturally colored ones. Colored ones look better so many prefer colored ones.

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