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    Rudraksha Shields

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    Shiv Privar Rudraksha Shield

    Shiva Family Rudraksha Shield

    This Rudraksha Combination has the blessings of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha and Kartikey. This Combination has one Pc of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, one Pc of Ganesh Rudraksha and One Pc of 6 Face Rudraksha.
    Laxmi Ganesh Rudraksha Shield

    Laxmi Ganesha Rudraksha Shield

    2 Pcs of 7 Face Rudraksha and 1 Pcs of Ganesh Rudraksha in a Chain.
    Will power & Confidence Combination

    Rudraksha Combination For Will Power & Confidence

    2 Pcs of 6 Face Rudraksha, 2 pcs of 4 Face Rudraksha and One Ganesha Rudraksha in a Chain.
    7 Face Rudraksha Combination

    Rudraksha Combination For Wealth and Prosperity

    Three Pcs Nepali 7 Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha Chain.
    4 Mukhi Rudraksha Combination

    Rudraksha Combination for mental clarity and concentration

    Three Pcs Nepali 4 Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha Chain
    5 mukhi rudraksha combination

    Rudraksha Combination For protection and spiritual growth

    Three Pcs Nepali 5 Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha Chain.
    6 Face Rudraksha combination

    Rudraksha Combination to enhance focus and concentration

    Three Pcs Nepali 6 Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha Chain.
    Health Shield Rudraksha Comination

    Rudraksha Combination For Health

    2 Pcs of 3 Face Rudraksha and 3 Pcs of 5 Face Rudraksha in a Chain.
    3 Face Rudraksha Combination Chain

    Rudraksha Combination to remove hindrances and obstacles

    Three Pcs Nepali 3 Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha Chain.