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    Which Rudraksha is better Nepali vs Indonesian?

    Rudraksha are available in two variety based on from where it comes from, one is Nepali and the other is Indonesian.

    This question is often asked, as to which of the two is better or more effective.

    As per our experience both are effective but depending on the requirement one can use Nepali or Indonesian.

    For example for wearing a Rudraksha Mala, Indonesian is better and more preferred as the size of the Rudraksha is small and depending on your taste you can choose any size from 6mm to 10mm, but with Nepali Rudraksha minimum size that is available is 15-16mm generally it is 17-18mm so it hard to wear 108 beads mala.

    Generally for higher mukhi Rudraksha that people wear 1pcs as Pendant or in combination of 2 to 14 Rudraksha, Nepali Rudraksha is preferred. Nepali Ruraksha Size is bigger so considered more effective, but it costs more so if you are in tight on budget or if you want to wear more in number in a mala then one can use Indonesian Rudraksha too.

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